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Classy Canine Daycare, Pet Boarding & Kennels, Dallas, TX

Daycare and Boarding at The Classy Canine

Our daycare program offers a supervised safe outlet to socialize, exercise, and expend excess energy. We have dedicated playrooms to accommodate different sized guests with different temperaments. For guests that would like to visit for the day but do not want to participate in open play we offer Day Boarding in our private suites at the same rates as our nighttime boarding (see below and please call for reservations).

Daycare Services are $25 per day (Multi-day discount rates available)
  • All play rooms are fully staffed and monitored at all times
  • All play areas are cleaned three times per day with spot cleaning continually throughout the day. All cleaners used are industry approved for your pet's safety.
  • Hygienic play toys (no fabrics) which are sanitized several times per day
  • Webcams so you watch your pet playing with other dogs and our staff
Boarding Services start at $40 per night (daycare included, a $25 value!)
  • All inclusive boarding offers bedding, bowls, treats, toys, and personal attention from our staff. We and vets recommend keeping your pet on his normal food and treats to lessen digestive problems. Please bring food, treats, and medications and we will serve them per your instructions.
  • Personal bedding and toys may be provided if you wish but please mark all items with a permanent marker so we can be sure to return them
  • All boarding areas are cleaned and sterilized at least twice per day
Private Suite at $50 per night (daycare included, a $25 value!)
Private suites include music, toys, raised bed, and any personal belongings your pet make like to bring along. Also includes unlimited access to our daycare play areas when booking consecutive nights.

Private Deluxe Suite at $60 per night (daycare included, a $25 value!)
Deluxe suites include all of the amenities of the Private Suites but are much larger. These rooms have individual webcams so you can check on your pet and include a flat screen TV. Also includes unlimited access to our daycare play areas when booking consecutive nights.

Vacation Services Let us be your pet's home away from home. Combine our daycare rate with the boarding rate when you need to leave your pet with us for an extended period of time. We offer discounts for longer stays.